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Teacher In-Service Training

Making the Student Experience “Magical”

Learning to increase students’ involvement and enjoyment

In this teacher in-service training session, Jim breaks down the art of connecting with their students.  Research shows we tend to learn more when we feel connected and engaged.  But the extended benefit to being engaged and learning is that your students experience school in a “Magical” way.  As they engage in class, their bodies release endorphins and they start to experience the Joy of Learning.  The techniques teachers will learn in this seminar will allow them to get students to a new level of achievement.  Jim has worked with his friend John Formica, the Ex-Disney guy, to blend his techniques into applicable teacher lessons to truly help their students have magical moments and have their students’ dreams come true.

We Are One Team!

We can’t be our best without YOU!!

This Motivational Talk is about getting all your staff on the same team and is a great way to Kick Off the school year.  This interactive program will have your staff moving, having fun and thinking about their important roles within your school’s success.  Teachers will be inspired to continue to invest in themselves, collaborate with other teachers, find a mentor, be a mentor and apply new techniques to constantly trying to improve their mastery of teaching.  Jim’s philosophy is to be a successful life-long learner, you have to be willing to be coachable, take chances and be flexible.  This talk will be fast pace, interactive, engaging and will be heart felt as well as Jim will share his personal story and how teachers help him become the person he is today!

What Teachers Will Learn:

  • How to identify root behavior issues
  • How to create the stage for a healthy, personally enriching environment
  • Secrets of building healthy student relationships
  • How to transform problems into benefits
  • How to convert knowledge into action

Problems This Seminar Will Solve:

  • Overcome obstacles for disengaged, unproductive students
  • Boost the confidence of students who struggle with self-assurance
  • Organizing a classroom with less downtime and distraction
  • Equip teachers to increase control, without becoming domineering
  • Improve productivity without decreasing morale