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College Keynote

Freshman Fast Break

Orientation that equips freshman for immediate collegiate success

Jim entered college with an ACT score in the bottom quarter of entering freshman and in four years graduated as the Outstanding Graduating Senior from the College of Business at Bowling Green State University. Getting off to a fast start and developing great study habits were a big part of Jim’s success. In this interactive, fun, and engaging talk, your freshman will learn the secrets to college success. This empowering talk roots students in an understanding that they must develop disciplined strategies to get off to a great start in college.

I Will Not Surrender

Talk designed to help college students with learning disabilities

In this candid talk, Jim Basketball Jones relates his own struggle with a learning disability to current students with similar challenges. Jim not only discusses the techniques he used to exceed expectations, but he openly discusses the triumphs, failures, discouragements, and, ultimately, advancement he experienced as a learning disabled student. Students will learn important lessons in self-advocacy and taking responsibility for their education because there aren’t IEPs in college.

Drive: Success in College, Success in Life

On the interplay between personal development and the development of better communities

In this presentation, Jim Basketball Jones discusses the key ingredients for success in life and success in college.  But Jim doesn’t like to frame this discussion in terms of doing better than others. Jim sees success as a natural byproduct of personal development. Our drive to become better students isn’t entirely different from our drive to become better people. This presentation is a challenge to think of personal development as not only the best way to enrich our lives, but to enrich the lives of those around us as well.