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Elementary School Assembly

I’ve Got Your Back (Anti-Bullying Education)

Anti-Bullying School Assembly That Emphasizes Being an “Upstander”, not a bystander

Jim’s anti-bullying school assembly focuses on caring for other students by “applying kindness”. Being an “Upstander” requires awareness, understanding and a commitment to have each other’s backs. In this presentation, Jim Basketball Jones encourages students to look for the good in others and to treat people the way they want others to treat them. Jim also goes one step further by encouraging students to understand and accept the differences in others, so we can treat others the way they want to be treated.

“In my 20 years of being an elementary principal, I have never offered to write a letter of recommendation for an assembly…however, that was before Jim Basketball Jones visited our school. I can only echo what several told me: ‘That was the best assembly we have ever had.’” – George Dean, Principal, Wooster City Schools, Wooster, OH

Three Pointers for Life (Character Education)

Engaging, Highly Participatory, and Fun Character Formation Assembly

In Jim’s Character Building school assembly, he focuses on Making Good Choices, Respecting Others, Being Responsible, and Being Safe. Students will learn that they “Own Their Effort”. In other words, students can have pride in their school and themselves, encourage others, think before they act, and become “Patient Listeners”. Schools routinely use this presentation to promote their Positive Behavior Expectations program. Best of all, this talk features Jim personal story, which has become one of his most requested assemblies—a heartfelt and touching assembly that will inspire your students and energize your teachers to be their BEST!

“You are an inspiration to us all; your message is of hope and the possibilities that each of us can reach our goals with hard work and determination.” – Bob Egelkraut, Student Support Specialist, LaMora Park School, Battle Creek, MI

Bust That Test (State Testing Motivation)

Unique Assembly to Help Students Achieve Their Best on State Achievement Tests


The demand for Jim’s motivational test taking assembly is so high, schools must call early to reserve a slot near their state testing time. In this program, Jim breaks down test taking to being a “Piece of Cake” and schools have noticed the student’s improvement. Kids learn test taking strategies, listening skills, methods to increase focus and concentration, and, most importantly, that their best effort is important to the success of their team—their school. Jim also provides a check list for student success on Busting the Test, so all the students have a check list to “do their BEST on the Test!”

89% of our 6th graders improved 5 points of more, while 84% of the 7th grade improved 5 points or more.  98% of the 6th grade improved by at least one point, and 100% of the 7th grade improved by at least one point!  Thank you for the ‘Piece of Cake’ idea.- Mrs. Kochell, Covington Middle School, Covington, IN

Stay In the Game (Positive Life Choices)

Anti-Drug Assembly Focused on Making Positive and Healthy Life Choices

Jim Basketball Jones’ focus in this program is making healthy life choices that promote a feeling of self-worth. He helps build self-esteem and confidence in students, so they can shoot for their goals. This is a positive school assembly with a message of hope, courage and strength.

Your presentation has once again left us in awe.  The way you weave entertainment and education together is the mark of a master teacher.  You teach valuable life lessons in such a fun way, the students hardly know their learning.  We will all take away many important values from today’s assembly including but not limited to: do the right thing, learn from your mistakes and you are in control of your own effort! - Lisa Fenchel, Principal, Novi Meadows, Novi, MI


BOUNCE INTO a GOOD BOOK!(Importance of Reading)

The Importance of Reading

“It’s the small things we do daily that make a BIG difference in our lives, READ every day!”

Jim focuses on the importance of being able to read proficiently and how daily reading can become a healthy habit that pays big life dividends. He brings his personal struggles with dyslexia into his talk and discusses how he refused to allow his condition to negatively impact his love for reading and learning. Jim can customize this presentation for any elementary school age group, K – 5, and consider booking him during March when it’s National Reading Month!

We have had Jim visit our school for 10 years in a row; he never fails to excite the students, staff and parents.  One great message for all ages and groups!  Jim will be back again next year; the kids just love his energy and comedy. – Bob Newvine, Ojibwa Elementary School, P.E. Teacher, Macomb, MI

Helping Your Child Find Their Success! (Parent Talk)

A parent talk about raising successful, kind and caring kids

“If it talks a village to raise a child, who have you selected to be in your village influencing your child’s development?” – Jim Basketball Jones

Jim has been doing Parent Talks for schools for awhile but has never listed it on our website until now.  Jim is passionate about raising healthy, caring, respectful and hard working kids.  Over his years of working with kids and raising his own kids, Jim has developed a Parenting Concept that he has coined as Staging. Which means, “its not our job to write and co-star in the production of our kid’s lives, but it’s our job to be the BEST stage manager as we support our child in their own production of their life.  We as parents should help set them up for success and be willing to let them make mistakes and as they learn and grow.”

Jim will share his personal story of overcoming Dyslexia and how his mom fostered his self confidence and pushed him to be his best.  He will also tell stories of his kids that will be entertaining and enlightening.  Jen graduated Valedictorian and is studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame.  Parker is a lot like Jim growing up as a struggling reader and challenged in school.  Jim taught Parker how to improve his reading by helping Parker start his own business, Parker’s Pumpkin Patch, in kindergarten.  His stories will have all in the audience thinking about how they can create opportunities in their own kid’s lives.

Jim will also teach Parenting Techniques such as “No opt out”, “100% Rule”, “Right is Right”, “Sell your Kids” and “Figure it Out”.  These techniques can be used within each parents own personal style, but reinforce kids to take ownership in their own behavior and choices.  They also help build confidence and self esteem within kids, so they can be their best.

Jim believes we should always be investing in our knowledge and that any parent that attends his Parent Talk and learns one new thing that makes a difference in their child’s life has made a great investment.  What better investment is there than our own kids.


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